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We are committed to doing our bit to help protect the environment.
  • Wherever possible we re-use packaging and shipping materials.
  • We limit the amount of plastic that is used. If there is plastic in your order (bubble wrap etc), it is being re-used from shipping material that we have received from our suppliers.  
  • Our satchels are made from natural products and are 100% compostable. 
  • Our shipping boxes are made from recycled materials and we also reuse boxes that we have received from our suppliers.
  • The paper we use for packaging is made from recycled paper and we also re-use packaging paper.
  • Our bio-bead void fill is biodegradable, plant based and dissolves in water
So when you receive your order from us it might not look the prettiest on the outside but we’re sure you will love what is packed inside.


Any questions?
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