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FRENCHIE - LittleLUX 8oz Reusable Glass Cup
FRENCHIE - LittleLUX 8oz Reusable Glass Cup

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FRENCHIE - LittleLUX 8oz Reusable Glass Cup

  • Super CUTE cylindrical glass cup
  • Perfect for small to regular drinks, coffees and kids drinks
  • Fits standard drink sizes up to 8 ounces or 236.588 mls
  • "Reverse Force" lid is a fancy way to say the lid has been engineered to be a very cool lid that actually stays on, we know, it stays on!
  • Made of Borosilicate Glass which is said to be lighter and stronger than ordinary glass however even though it's fancy glass, it can still break
  • Fully enclosed silicone base makes it non-slipgood-looking and super comfortable to carry however please note that if you are a straight Long Black or Tea drinker you will find the cup hot to carry initially
  • Australian designed